High current

Some time back I bought a few Wiz610io modules that contain W6100 chip. The datasheet of W6100 does not clearly define a current consumption and only states greater than 100mA. However, when I connect the module to 3.3V voltage, it draws a current of a round 1.85A. Why is the current so high? IS there something wrong with the module or it is normal? I remember W5500 could be powered from USB.

Does it still function properly? Does it heat?

Actually the current is so high that exceeds my circuit regulator current limit. So I can not test it in circuit. I connected the module to my 10A bench supply and realised that it draws 1.85A. The chip does not get very hot. I need to know what is the normal standby and operation current of the module.

1.85A must be too much. Table 23 shows 265 mA maximum.

Dear MHT2020

I think you have a bad power connection.

Did you check the picture below and connect the power and GND?


Our latest WIZ610io material is

Thank you.

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I think there is sth wrong with the file I have! if you take a look, the first pin on the right top is GND here but it is VCC in my file!!! please take a look!
wiz610io_user_manual_v1.0.pdf (892.2 KB)

Dear MHT2020.

Iā€™m sorry. If there is a problem with your WIZ610io due to our incorrect document, we will replace it for free.

Thank you.


Thanks, Actually this time the problem is fixable by cutting a pin. But please be careful in later documents

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