W7500-reference design for PoE


Is there a reference design for available for the W7500 with PoE?

thanks in advance

Dear Plyer

We don’t have a PoE reference.

PoE is not related to W7500. PoE is a separate function.

You have to design yourself.

Thank you.

Thank you Scott

Every 7500 connected device normally would need some kind of power. It would have been great to have PoE as an add-on capability

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Thank you for your good advice.


For readers of this thread: I agree - it would be great to have a compact and integrated IP/MAC/PHY & PoE solution. However, PoE is a rather involved subject, with thermal, safety, EMC and other concerns that require a non-trivial amount of expertise to appreciate and implement as part of a project or product - even with the hypothesized part. The standard is also asymmetric, in that PSE and PD are handled completely differently. For these reasons, it’s probably not practical to build such a chip. At best, it would probably be prohibitively expensive.

There are numerous players, but TI has some well-integrated solutions, good docs and useful Dev boards. Consider checking their materials out as a starting point.