W5100 and RJ45 with magnetic module

I’ve developed a prototype board using the W5100 device and all seems to work right.
Now I’m little confused in the choice of the RJ45 connectors with the magnetic module inside.
The document with the specification is here:
dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/464 … 7-xxxx.pdf

If you see into page 3 there are a lot of module connection schematics.
Can you suggest me the best connection that I have to use with the W5100 device?

Thank you for your attention


RJ45 schematic needs to be same with our reference macjack.

If not we couldn’t guarantee.

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RJ45 is on sale now through our site. Please refer to URL as below.
The model name of RJ45 is RB1-125BAG1A.

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Refer to RDA-125BAG1A.pdf (195 KB).

You can use any mag-jack part compatible with RDA-125BAG1A.

Thank you.

Thank you to all for your attention.

Only for my information: in the datasheets that you two suggest me, the magnetic transformer is indicated as 1:1.
With my little knowledge about the magnetic module for data network, this is wrong because the transformer has the central tap, so I think that the right indication is 1CT:1CT.

Am I wrong?
If yes, what is the right interpretation about 1:1 and 1CT:1CT indication?

Thank you

The difference of 1:1 and 1CT:1CT, but the difference between the center tap.

RDA-125BAG1A are represented by 1:1, it can be seen in 1CT:1CT.

You, please use the 1CT:1CT.