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Difference between WIZ610io and WIZ850io

We would like to replace the WIZ850io module with a WIZ610io module in one of our products.
What are the implications? Are there any major differences apart from the WIZ610io module supporting IPv6?

WIZ610io and WIZ850io seem to be pin-compatible. Therefore no changes are required on the hardware side. Is that correct.

On the software side the W6100 seems to support everything the W5500 supports and even more. I did not look into the protocol yet, but I suppose we have to switch from the ioLibrary_Driver to the io6Library, because the former does not seem to support the W6100.

If possible I would like to keep our firmware compatible with both modules. Is it possible to continue using the ioLibrary_Driver if we don’t use the IPv6 functionality? For example by copying the W6100 directory over from io6Library and doing some adjustments to auto-detect the module in use?

Hi, Sympatron

Right, as you said there is no h/w difference between wiz850io and wiz610io.
And io6library is almost the same with iolibrary.
There are some added ip6 funtions and the functions name little changed.

You can use your firmware based on io6library and could be no hard to use it.
Caz io6library developed based on 5500 iolibrary.

During processing, any questions or issues, please share it.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your fast reply!

I agree that it is probably not very difficult to migrate to io6Library, but is it possible to use the io6Library with W5500 modules? Or would it be easier to add W6100 support to the ioLibrary_Driver?

The problem is that I don’t want to permanently branch our firmware, but rather detect the module automatically or even better only use features supported by both modules.

Yes… I got what you want to do.

But until now, there is no perfect resource I can give you…

W6100 and W5500 are almost same. the interface and memory…
but the point pin map is difference and some registers are difference.

So, if you use iolibrary you need to work for pinmap and some registers.
And if you use io6library you have to make permanent branch…

Sorry for this.

Thank you

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