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W7500x and 3-Port Switch IC


I’m interested in using the W7500x chips, but would like to make a module which can be connected inline (daisy-chained), which could be implemented by replacing the W7500 external PHY with a compatible three port Ethernet switch.

I’m not sure if there’s a simple 3-port switch IC with three PHY connections allowing the W7500P to be connected via the four Ethernet signals, as this might be simpler to route on a PCB, and allow a smaller switch IC.

Has this been done before on these products?




We have a product which W7500 and a Switch IC are embedded on.
It’s not released to the public but provided to some specific customers.
If you want, we can provide you with it.

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Hi James,

That sounds VERY interesting, my main issue would be my potential volumes are quite low due to it being a device for an industrial machine we build (<1000 units), although the end product would have a potentially much wider application in general industry. If this quantity is not an issue I’d be very interested in more information.

What would be ideal for my volumes would be a version of the WIZwiki-7500ECO where the CPU/PHY are replaced with this new chip and the two Ethernet port connections come out as pins to allow me to fit D-Coded M12 sockets and magnetics.

In my application I would be building a similar base board, but would probably not include the on-board USB programming interface, and simply connect to a SWD programming header as needed, while implementing a 24V to 3.3V power supply for the base and extension boards.


Hi James,

We are in the process of developing a small Ethernet Node that requires to have the W7500 along with a suitable (small) 3-port Ethernet Switch. We were considering the KSZ8863RLL for the 3-port switch. Please let me know if you have any available reference data/schematic for this. Alternately, please suggest a suitable 3-Port Ethernet switch that I can use with the W7500 in our design.

Our requirement is to daisy chain multiple ethernet nodes (each with a W7500 + 3-port switch) to save on cabling costs. Each Node will have 2x RJ45 Jacks for Ethernet In/Out.

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