w5500 (ethernet) compliance tests

Hello everyone,

I’m building an application using the w5500 and would like to run some ethernet compliance tests. I saw the following test report:

Basically, I want to reproduce this test (On my modified hardware).
Question: Is there a way to tell the w5500 to stimulate a testpattern ? e.g. by writting some registers

I think you will have to find ethernet compliance test vendor. Because it would be very expensive the equipment for ethernet compliance testing.
If you send us your hardware,we can test it.

Thank You for your answer.
I’m well equiped with hardware, so from this side there is no problem to run some tests.

I’m in the situation that I want the w5500 to produce/output some testpatterns.
Searching the web, I’ve seen this example (I know that this is from another chip, but I thought that the principle might be similar):
(from http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/AppNotes/AN2686-Ethernet-Compliance-Test-10BASET-100BASETX-1000BASET.pdf)

So is there a way to produce such testpattern in the w5500? Either by writing some regsiters or by stimulating some pins ?

Somehow it can be done as this document says:
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And thanks for your offer to test my hardware, I might come back to this…

Dear @benjamin3er

Do you want ‘Full Duplex, Disable Auto-Negotiation’ setting that you want?

Our test equipment allows us to test without any special setup.

Do you need to set any special settings for your equipment?


This was just an example, I want to know how I can enter e.g. Test Mode 3, the transmit jitter test, or Test Mode 4 the transmitter disortion test…

I know how to select the different operation mode using the bits 5~3 in the PHYCFGR. The unknown how to tell the PHY to enter “test mode” / generate the test patterns.

As far as I know there are a couple of standardised tests for ethernet compliance.

Maybe I got the whole thing wrong. I was assuming that I bring the w5500-phy to “output” a test pattern (e.g. by writting some registers) and measure it with the oscilloscope.

Is there another way, e.g. to directly stimulate the PHY by sending some signales directly on the wires ?

Best regards.

Dear @benjamin3er

There is nothing to set for the W5500.

The test waveform is automatically output when connected to the test equipment.

Thank you.