Profinet suitability

I would like to know if the w5500 is suitable for the Profinet protocol, if the MACRAW socket is used. Does anyone have any experience of this as a solution?

Our intention is to use the w5500 for other communication protocols where its full TCP/IP stack will be used and I would like to understand if we could use the same platform for Profinet.

I have access to a full software Profinet stack that will be running on the host processor, which is why we’d only need the raw ethernet data for this particular implementation.

Thanks in advance for any insight, or potential issues you can highlight.

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Good question. I am looking to port some Profinet code to the W5500 (or W5300, which I believe will be somewhat faster, due to the parallel i/f - need to confirm). From this app note recommended in another thread, it seems like it won’t be too difficult. Even at 1ms/1KHz cyclic packet rate, it’s a pretty light load.

FWIW, our host processor will be a fairly high-spec STM32. I seriously considered using its on-board MAC, but, for a few different reasons, I’ve come to the conclusion that leveraging the WizNet chip will probably be the better option overall.

What made you decide against using the on-board MAC?

Allocate the whole RX/TX space for the MACRAW socket 0. Remember that if you will not flush packets in time all incoming packets not fitting into the buffer’s free space will be discarded.

Did you ever find out if w5500 is suitable for Profinet?