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W7500P hung up

We have a few instances of W7500P-S2E crashing during the operating. The chip was working fine for a few days, then lost its connection. Neither from Ethernet side (port 5000 and 50001) nor from serial port side can access the chip. The only way to bring the connection back is using Wiznet ISP tool to reload the code and then use WizMAC tool to set the IP.

Would you have any suggestion of debugging this issue?

Dear @cosmos

It’s a strange symptom.

Flash memory inside W7500P seems to be damaged during operation.

Is the power supply stable? Or is there an external electrical shock?

Thank you

Hi Scott,

This was tested in the lab environment. It happened on 3, out of ~30, W7500P we were using so far. Our circuit is very similar to your WIZ750SR.

Is there a way to reset the W7500P to the factory default instead of reloading the code?

Best Regards,


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