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AP Client Multibridge Mode without AP function


I still operate the module in AP Client Multibridge Mode. This is our only option, since we don’t want to have another NAT between local LAN and WAN to be 100% tranparent.

Now with this mode we see the following problem:
If we operate a couple of devices in a wireless segment without individual naming of the modules AP SSID there will be a lot of sub networks with the same name.

Is there a possibilty to switch of the AP function of the module but keeping the AP Client Mutlibridge function.
Otherwise there may be two workarounds:

  • Switch on the ‘hidden SSID’ function, this I have been told does only suppress the naming in Windows OPS
  • Assign an individual SSID for each module, but this may confuse the customer even more, as he doesn’t expect an AP
    function for the device.


If you did not change WizFi630’s mode setting, you can possible to switch of the WizFi630’s function.

  • Can switch on the “hidden SSID” function.
  • I don’t understand your exact intend.



my intend is to have the module working in AP CLient Multibridge mode but with the possibility to switch off the modules own AP function.


Refer to this thread.

Has this been solved yet? I have exactly the same issue.

There is no way to turn off WiFi in AP client multi-bridge mode.
So, you had better use .
I just tested it as below

  1. via web
    It worked well as below.

  2. via serial command


    After rebooting, it worked well, also.

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