W5500 config tools

Hello there…
In the past i used Wiz110SR for my projects. There is Wiz1xxSR config tools to search for all of Wiz110SRs that are connected to network, and i can change their settings (IP, subnet, gateway, port, etc) easily. But currently i am using W5500 chip and there is no such applications like Wiz1xxSR config tools. I want to make this config tools myself. Do you have any algorithm suggestions how to create this app?
Or do you have another suggestions how to set the IP, port, gateway, subnet mask, server IP, and mode (server/client) via LAN ?

We open the source code for Configuration tool.
It is for WIZ550S2E. The configuration Tool use java language.

And it is for WIZ750SR. This configuration Tool use python language.

If you have any questions, please ask me.