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SPI to ethernet data communictaion

I am new to W5500. I am planning to use the chip on one of my project, for the same i have bought an evaluation board of the same W5500-EVB .
Now what my problem really is that , i have set the w5500 as Slave and Ti Tms320f28335 as Master to send data to the W5500.
now i want to capture these recieved data over the ethernet provided on the board . But i have no idea of doing it. Please help me with a sample program if there is any.


We are not the examples used the TI TMS320F28335.

But we have an example of using the various MCU.

You can find them at the below URL.

And we offer a library for the use of the W5500.

We call it “ioLibrary”. ioLibrary is below URL.

Note that you have to use a different MCU, should be used with ioLabrary porting your project.

Thank you.

Can you be bit more specific on the example.
I mean , what really my target is to program the LPC controller in the EVB to give out spi data through Master out pin .

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