About Wizfi360 EVB mini board ?

I think it seems that Wizfi360 evb mini board is working as a device having both ESP8266 and its AT firmware because it supports ESP8266 AT command list. Is it right?

I know that ESP8266’s devices supports Arduino IDE for our development. However, the mini board dosen’t support it. So I’d like to know if you have a plan to support Arduino IDE.

And, I wonder if the firmware sources of the mini board is open firmware source to us.


Yes, Most AT commands are implemented to be compatible with ESP8266.

Unfortunately, the Arduino IDE is not currently supported, but we will consider it internally.

And the AT command Firmware is only supported in binary file format.
Instead, the W600 SDK is open to the public. (WizFi360 is based on the W600 chip.)

There are SDK and related documents in the link below.
Please refer these.

Thank you.

Yes you can use Arduino IDE but not WizFi360-evb-mini.

If you want to use Arduino IDE, I can recommend you WizFi360-evb-shield.
There is a interface for arduino board and you can control WizFi360 through Arduino.

Here is some document links for ref.
These are talking about arduino http server & client examples


And this link has all documents for WizFi360

OK, thanks for your infomation.

OK, thanks for your information.