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W7100A stopped working after couple of weeks


We have two boards in which W7100A stopped working after couple of week’s successful run time.
We modified some of the settings e.g. ip addr, gateway, disabled debug messages over serial, serial baud rate, even parity according to our need and it was working, it stopped responding after couple of weeks.

We verified following HW signals which seems good -

  1. PLLLOCK - found High
  2. nRST - found High
  3. 25 MHz on XTLP0 and XTLN0
  4. 11.0592 MHz on XTLP1 and XTLN1

We are not able to connect it through config tool.


It is difficult to answer because there is no symptom of how to die.
We need more information such as debug messages and packets.
It would be helpful if you could let me know your hardware environment.
The W7100A is a very old product based on the 8051, so detailed technical support is difficult.
Using another product, such as the WIZ750SR-100, makes technical support easier.
Samples of one or two modules are available.

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