ATmega640 + Wizfi220.

I am doing a project based on ATmega640 and wi-fi module Wizfi220. I connected the module as follows: 1, 18, 31 and 48 pins - to GND; 9, 32, 33 and 34 pins - to +3.3V. Pin 42 (uart0_rx ) to tx avr, pin 40 (uart0_tx) to rx avr. The settings for the speed and frame format of the uart module and the microcontroller are the same (19200, 8n1), since I connected the module earlier through the usb-uart adapter and made its settings. Ultimately, I can’t raise the access point from the microcontroller, and the AT command doesn’t get me “OK”, but some kind of garbage. The only message I get from the wi-fi module - [ERROR].

Please share your tips and thoughts. Sorry for google translator, i don’t speak english.

Update: I apologize, I hurried a little with the creation of the topic. Before you start sending commands from the microcontroller to the wi-fi module, you need to reset it (low level on pin 35 for half a second). And then you need to raise the level on the pin, and you can send at commands!

Thanks for sharing your experiences :slight_smile: