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Wiz750xx conexion TELNET

Se puede conectar via Telnet?
Existe algun firmware que se deba cargar para hacer posible conexion Telnet?
Ademas cuando conecto el programa la ‘OPCIONs’ Telnet (RF2217) no se puede seleccionar.
Es posible en los modulos WIZ750SR o WIZ752 tengan TELNET?

Can you connect via Telnet?
Is there any firmware that must be loaded to make possible a Telnet connection?
Also when I connect the program the ‘OPTIONS’ Telnet (RF2217) cannot be selected.
Is it possible for modules WIZ750SR or WIZ752 to have TELNET?

Technically is it possible.
But we do not support firmware for telnet on WIZ750SR or WIZ752SR.

The question is for the following:
Already connected in a network, they are programmed with the soft “tool”
. But the following happens:
it is given a RESET (remotely in a network) and from that moment the “toolxx” program no longer sees it. The connection made by RS232 is lost (configured).
If you ping him with CMD you see the team.
But never again how can you enter through the configuration program (Tool xxx) …
And since Telnet cannot be done, a big problem is generated

I’m sorry we could’t support what you want.
Could you please let me know the product full name?

The “tool” is for WIZ107sr or WIZ108sr.
If you use the WIZ750sr series, you must use the WIZnet S2E Configration Tool V1.1.0 as Configuration tool.

There are two methods the UDP broadcast and TCP unicast for product search method.
In your case I recommend you use TCP unicast method and you just enter your product IP and port.

Configuration Tool Download : WIZnet-S2E-Tool

Muchas Gracias
Ya lo estoy usando tambien.
Seguire la pruebas y realizare mas comentarios.


The Wizconfig V1.1.0 tool can be compiled in PYQ5 as I understand.
Download all the files and try to generate a new .exe file.
I wanted to add some things. But it is not very clear to me if I only have to ask you to compile (genere.exe) only 1 file to the PYINSTALLE main_gui.py program (this one?) And call all the others .py to compile?

Python (pyinstaller) generates a main_gui.exe
but when you execute them you do nothing.
I see that I generate all the folders (attached folders) but it doesn’t work.
Any guide?
Thank you so much

Hello, @WiznetSis.

That’s right, but there are some options to generate .exe file with the pyinstaller.
To use options, I used a .spec file.

Please download the spec file below, copy it to the project folder, unzip it, and then use the command to create the executable file.

setup_exe.zip (548 바이트)

pyinstaller setup_exe.spec

Thank you.

Muchas Gracias. Realizare lo recomendado y notifico pruebas
Thank you so much. I will perform the recommended and notify evidence

I send the evidence.
win7 (64bit) / PyQt5_gpl-5.9.2
compile but at the end when executing .EXE gives the following errors:

Otros Datos


I think old components are affected. (build directory)

And did you install required packages?
(When I tried to install pyqt5-5.9.2 with python 3.8.1, I got error.
So I installed latest pyqt5(pyqt5-5.14.1) for python 3.8.)

Please try to below.

  1. Delete old directories (build, dist) and retry generate.
  2. (If 1) is not work) Install the latest version packages and retry.

Before creating the exe file, first check whether the program is running using the command below.

python main_gui.py

Give the same ERROR with the installed versions

Could you send me in a .zip the files that you run, or where I download them?

to be able to execute exactly all the files



Install Python 3.8 before successfully

Not pyinstall -> python

python main_gui.py

This is for check python code works well.

Sure, please refer to the below. (It’s same code with WIZnet-S2E-Tool-GUI Github repository)

And below is my test environment. (Windows 10 64bit)

>python --version
Python 3.8.1

# Installed packages
>pip freeze


Pruebo con una maquina en Win10 y comento

Antes de seguir con las pruebas mando el Freeze


Ifaddr was missing … install version 0.1.6

Works !

Thank you very much for the collaboration and patience

Big hug

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