Hi, i want to use w6100 in SPI mode. I already have w6100evb and using that as example i want to make my board, but i dont want MODE switch on board (because i want to use SPI ONLY). How should i connect DAT pins (ground or not connected) and MOD pins ?

Also i dont want to use LINK COL ACT DUX SPD leds, what should i do with those pins ?

The LEDs just get them out.

From w6100_ds_v104e.pdf, page 15, On SPI Mode, DAT [7:0] must be floated.

From AND W6100-EVB_SCH_V110.pdf, MOD[0] and MOD[3] float. MOD[1] and MOD[2] to GND with R=4.7k, but I think directly connected to the GND is OK.

The LEDs just get them out.

What should i do with pins on W6100? Mark them as Not Connected ?

On SPI Mode, DAT [7:0] must be floated.

That means DAT7 is not connected ? Do i have to tie others to GND ?

Yes, Led and DAT[0…7](ALL DAT pins) - Not Connected.

from W6100-EVB_SCH_V110.pdf

What are there three used for ? Why i need to feed MISO;MOSI and everything else to 74CBTLV3257PW

Read w6100_ds_v104e.pd. Pin 32 and 33 are used for SPI/Parallel Mode. In your case remove them, and connect directly to your MCU.
Basically, I would advise you to buy a directly finished module with a soldered chip - WIZ610io. The frequencies are very high there, there are many small elements, and the circuit board will be very moody and laborious. At least that’s what I did. I’ll just connect it to the processor. In my case, PIC32MZ. But I haven’t gotten there yet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info :slight_smile: