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ISP not detecting mega128


i know that wiz200 module is quite obsolete. But i have an ISP problem : my olimex AVR-ISP500 can’t reach the WIZ200 module when plugged on ISP 6 pins plug of the WIZ-Embedded WebServer Base B/D. As i do not use any kind of windows software i’m using avrdude as programming software (and i can’t get a windows software):

avrdude -p atmega128 -c stk500v2 -e -P /dev/cuaU0

I’m first trying to erase the whole atmel m128 chip before installing new software (my own monitor & app). The ISP cannot reach the module whatever the command i’m using.

I validated my ISP programmer against an old STK200 i had with a AT90s2313 left-over. All is OK here.

I also checked this with 3 WIZ200 modules.

Can-you think of anything i missed ?

Please note that this is not for industrial purpose : i’m using obsoleted modules for “kids workshops project” (“kid’s stuff in clouds”… so the obsoleted module is better than arduinos and other stuff alike…).


Dear Grompf,

I’d like to help you, but I don’t have any idea and no experience regarding this issue.
I checked our old manual, but I just found below section about ISP connection. (I think, you’ve also checked this.)

For your reference, added schematic, but there is no special component between ISP connect and ATmega128.
RESET pin? or down to ISP Frequency? I’m not sure.
WIZ200WEB_BD_Rev1.0_Schematic.pdf (33.1 KB)
WIZ200WEB_Rev1.0_Schematic.pdf (55.6 KB)
Sorry again, would you please contact to other avr expert community?


Thank-you for your answer.

In order to debug the whole thing, i bought some breadboard and arduino maker wires.

By using the power from wiznet baseboard and by connecting directly the wiz200 to the programmer pins and not by using the ISP connector of baseboard : i can program the module and itruns well. As instructed by the idle loop of my boot monitor, the RED LED0 is blinking at 0.5Hz.

So it seems that there is something on the baseboard (resistors like R31, drains, etc) not compatible with my ISP. I’ve got two choices now… either i spent time on debugging the baseboard, or i build an adapter myself with 3.3V regulator and the 3 needed connectors. I think i’ll do the later since it will allow me to give introductory lesson to kids by building a regulated power supply and soldering some connectors.



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