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Pins pullup/pulldown and opendrain state of disabled, not initialized board and after power lost.

I need to use open drain mode with disabled internal pullup and pulldown resistors: I want to connect 12v relay module directly to the board (it has 10mA control, but 12v; open drine mode with disabled pull resistors lets control higher voltages)
What is pins states - pullup, pulldown and opendrain for

  1. Disabled device?
  2. Enabled device, but pins still not inialized? (Has default settings?)
  3. After device (only) power lost?
    I would not want 12V in these cases to burn my board.
  4. Maybe someone know what is max current and voltage can be used in tis mode?

Any advice or references to documentation will be helpful. I read datasheet and reference manual several times but didn’t found the answer
I use wiznet wizwiki w7500 board.

Dear YegorS

Did you direct the relay from the board?

The GPIO on the board lacks current to operate the relay.

The current needs to be amplified and connected.

Are you curious about the initial pin status of the W7500?

Would you like to use the W7500P pin as an open drain?

Thank you.

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