WIZ750SR space parity bit

I have a device with which I can communicate via RS232 with parity set to space (always 0).
Can I set this parity on WIZ750SR ?
What about mark parity (always 1) ?

Thank you.

Can you use WIZnet S2E Configuration Tool?
That can be set using Configuration Tool.
please refer to image.

That can not be set using Configuration Tool.
please refer to image.
There is not option like this

Sorry i was mistaken.
W7500 has mark parity and space parity function.
As you know, that function is not applied in WIZ750SR Firmware.

But we can give you bin file.
W7500x_S2E_App_Mark_Space.zip (69.3 KB)

I added the yellow line in UART_Init() in w7500x_uart.c .
So you can use a mark when set to odd and space when set to even in the Configuration tool.

Also we didn’t test enough for that feature.
But i tested it with hercules serial program and it works.

We have uploaded the supplied bin file to the WIZ750SR module.

The module is set as TCP Parity EVEN server.
Hercules as a TCP client.
On the PC, program Advanced Serial Port Monitor
(Download | Advanced Serial Port Monitor)
receives data from the COM port.
After sending data from the Hercules to the COM port
Advanced Serial Port Monitor detects Parity ERROR when Parity set SPACE .
With the COM Parity EVEN settings, the transmission is OK.
ie. setting Even as Space doesn’t work.

When sending data from COM to the WIZ750SR module
(parity set EVEN),
the module sends data to Hercules with different Parity settings of the COM port
(no parity check when receiving data from the UART port in the WIZ750SR module).

If parity error is occured, Parity error Interrupt occur.
To check parity error, please modify code using interrupt.
Please refer to image.

Do you want to not receive data when a parity error occurs?