Internet connection via sim5360e module

Hello friends! I want to make the Internet in my own country, but a little lack of knowledge. There is a module with support for 3G, called SIM5360 … It has the following interfaces: UART, I2C, USB, GPIO, SPI. I need to be able to connect this module to the Lan port of a laptop or WAN router, and go online. The transfer rate should be 100Mbp / s. Tell me the options for implementing this idea.

The W5100S or W5500 support SPI Interface and can connect LAN port.
But the Network Performance is Maximum 25Mbps or 15Mbps.

The most difficult question for me is the connection. Let’s say I have an Atmega328, W5500 microcontroller and a SIM5360 module in my hands. I combine the microcontroller and the W5500 on the SPI bus, but how do I connect the SIM5360 to all this? How can I combine all this?

I think SIM5360 have to connect microcontroller using UART and W5500 have to use the HTTP protocol. The microcontoller receives the uart data from SIM5360 and it starts on parsing about received data.
The parsing data sends to W5500 via SPI and W5500 sends the received data using http protocol.
It’s just my idea

If you are possible, could you please draw the connect schematic?

Do you need such a scheme? block schematic

Where are the MCU, W5500 in this schematic?
Could you please check whether or not to occur the SIM5360 and Ethernet pin collision?