WIZnet S2E Configuration Tool V1.1.0 Not finding device

WIZnet S2E Configuration Tool is not able to find my device.

I can ping it and I can also open a TCP/Ip connection to it but I can’t configure it.

Not sure what more information may be useful here. Let me know.

my device is a WIZ750SR-110 though the chipset is different than what is shown on the product page.

Is your PC connected to the same network as the WIZ750SR-110?
Please change the search method to TCP unicast.

Hello, @karen.
There are several reasons why the config tool does not find devices.

  • Firewall issues
  • If using multiple network adapters
  • Other cases

Please refer to the below link.

The attached figure is WIZ110SR, not WIZ750SR-110.
If you use the product of attached figure, you have to use another configuration tool, which is different from WIZ750SR-110.
Link : WIZ110SR Configuration Tool
But if you use the WIZ750SR-110, please refer to the troubleshooting guide provided by @rena .

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I apologize for the confusion regarding the model number. I was provided the wrong information for the card when it was delivered to me. Now I realize I had the wrong config tool. I was able to connect once I installed the correct tool provided by irina_kim. Thank you irina_kim