Serial connection between two wizfi360

Hi everyone,
I would like to ask if is there some way how to create simple uart link between two wizfi360, I mean UART《-》 wizfi360《-》 ~ radio ~《-》wizfi360《-》UART.
I have wizfi360-con


WizFi360 supports only AP, STA and AP-STA modes.
So, If you want to create WiFi link with 2 of WizFi360 modules,
one of the module have to run the AP or AP-STA mode.
then, the other module can connect to the AP module to make WiFi link.

The modules can be set by AT Commands.
please refer to an AT Instruction set in link below.

I know, i have two wizfi360 connected together and with TCP protocol is no problem, but it is too slow for my application. I need send few bytes every 100 ms, so the best way should be some bridge or somethink like that. I just want send to uart &h05 and on the other side the same text → &h05. Is it possible ?
thanks for link or AT commands

Sorry Snake,
We do not recommend fast cycle of transmission.

Oh, OK thanks.
What about UDP connection with transparent transmission ? Yesterday I found forum with AT commands for esp32 but it works… not sure with 100ms but its acceptable.
See: ESP-WROOM-32 AT commands firmware - Page 4 - ESP32 Forum

It is need to test.
Usually, Transparent mode is slower than AT command mode.
I’m not sure that the WizFi360 can transmit data stably every 100ms.
but, UDP + AT command mode is the best performance of WizFi360.