Problem with delay

I have a server on linux or iphone and a client on Wizfi310. First I connet correctly to the server. Then I am closing connection by server (i am stopping the netcat aplication or my application on iphone). I obtain DISCONNECT command from WizFi310. Then I am opening the socket on the client (WizFi310). Next I start the server (after 10 seconds) and I have to wait about 50 seconds on the connection. This is very long time, too long. When I start first time the communication or after e.g. 10 minuts, I wait only 2-3 seconds.
I have not such problem on the server on Windows. Everything works good on Windows (I always wait only 2-3 seconds).

Below I show the responses of WizFi310 and informations about the problem.

How to solve this problem? I need to wait only 2-3 seconds on server.


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Hi lentec

which FW version you use?
I will try to test it and let you know.

I think, that we have found today the problem and solution. The problem is number of local port in SCON instruction. If we set 0 (random port), then we have not the delay (on the picture it is 5001). Linux and iPhone do a delay after closing socket.

Thank you for help.