WIZ750sr - TTL Standalone

Hi All,

I’d like to ask if anyone has any experience with a standalone 750sr - without the evaluation board.

I’m trying to enable a convert from TTL to Ethernet - in a way that each peer will have an 750sr on his side, to create a LAN network.

In a way, once i connect the serial to Ethernet in each side, i would like to ping to the other side.

I have been trying almost a week now to have this work and even tried to connect 2 different PCs with only the 750sr converters directly (no middle ground between them) and i couldn’t ping to the other end.

Would be grateful if someone could help out,

Do you have see a serial message of WIZ750SR?
First connect the PC and module directly, then please check the ip with serial and send ping.


Thank you for the quick response !

I have a good ping from the PC to the 750sr.
I am able to send packets from the PC to the 750sr - and that transfers into the Serial module I am converting from - and it actually reaches the other end, however, I have no ping in between one PC to another.

Could you please draw your connection diagram?
And are all products(Two PC, one WIZ750sr) on the same network?


Yes - here is the diagram:

My goal is to send ping from PC1 to PC2.
For now - my only success is that I can ping from PC1 to the following 750sr module (the one that is connected with an Ethernet cable to the PC1)

You can see in the diagram that I connect each 750sr to the others following the RS-232 connections - and since I configured them as a TCP Mixed - I am trying to get network traffic both ways, also to the fact that they are dual duplex.

All the components on the network are the same exactly - I even use the same brand and length of the Ethernet cables.

Let me know if you need to know anything else,


It’s difficult to send ping as your diagram.

WIZ750SR is serial to ethernet module only for TCP or UDP.
And it is only to deliver data.
It is not possible to send requests and receive responses via serial.