Connecting to hidden networks

Can the 210 connect to hidden networks? We are trying to connect to a hidden network with WPA2PSK security but it keeps saying AP associate failed. I know the network is working fine because we can connect to it on other devices.


I check about issue on today. But WizFi210 was well.
I used AT command as below and My AP was WizFi630 using hidden SSID. And WizFi210’s version is

I think it might occur for that reason compatibility between AP and WizFi210.
Please check this opinion.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I’m having trouble understanding your response. Are you asking me to check my 210 firmware version?
We use this Arduino sketch WizFi_RC from github. Below is just the AP association section.

[quote]// AP association
byte tmpstr[32];

retval = myWizFi.associate(SSID, Key, Security, true);

if(retval == 1){
  Serial.println("AP association Success");
  Serial.print("MY IPAddress: ");
  Serial.println((char *)tmpstr);
  Wifi_setup = true;
  Serial.println("AP association Failed");


Serial.println(“Server Listen OK”);
Serial.println(“Server Listen Failed”);
We’ve entered the correct credentials in the, myWizFi.associate(SSID,Key,Security,true) function, however it keeps returning 0 and we just get AP association Failed.


If you use WizFiShield, maybe WizFi210’s firmware is or

Result of test using WizFi210-EVB(Firmware version and, WizFi210 did well.
Although not WizFiShield, It is true that WizFi210 can join to hidden SSID.

Could you test using another Arduino example like basic test or another AP?