How to install web page into flash ?

Hi All,

Regarding to the WIZ550web, I can see example code support web page in the flash not in the SD card. But I don’t know the exactly procedure, such as how to put web page into flash ? what kind of web format ? should I put web page from address 0x00 or somewhere else ?
Is there any documentation for this issue ?


We support a storage of data flash as well as SD card above v1.1.0 release.
If there is no SD card after detecting during about 3 seconds, you can use a data flash.
You must have the initialization process of data flash at least once.
When SW1 and SW2 are pressed at the same time, the data flash is initialized by FatFs. And reset a target.
You must copy the web page to a data flash by FTP client tool.(ALFTP)

Refer to WIZ550web+WindowsFTP Tutorial. : WIZ550web+WindowsFTP Tutorial - YouTube
Refer to WIZ550web+LinuxFTP Tutorial : WIZ550web+LinuxFTP Tutorial - YouTube

wizwiki site : Data flash Initialization