W5300 Chip Revisions

I have found that we seem to have different codes on some of the W5300 chips we have, and am trying to find out what they mean and if there are different chip silicon / ‘firmware’ revisions and what the changes are.
e.g. W5300 PN0T0-010 1719 (I assume that is 19w of 2017)
and W5300 PRQW4-010 1916

In the photo’s on your website and user manual there are examples showing
P4FW0-161 0747
P4FW0-162 0803
PAT29-010 1221

Part of this is to try and identify why there are differences in performance and stability with a product we have designed and is currently under test/evaluation where the rest of the board and firmware is the same but we seem to have differences in the silicon.


Dear CZEMacLeod!

W5300 made two revison as following.

  • July, 2009 : ECO - Ethernet PHY sync reset.
  • Oct, 2010 : ECO - Enhanced ESD/LU performance.

So, The revision points did not effect to firmware.

And Your two data code of chips is produced after 2010.
Two chips are same.

Your problem is not caused by chip revision.
This is another problem.

Check the part of your board. It is possible abnormal parts reduce the performance. Specially ethernet phy part.

If you explain more detail, I will help you.

Thank you.