First contact to AP

I still operate my device in AP client multibridge mode and have configured via serial interface, so security and SSID are assigned to the WizFi630.

I have got a brand new AP, which the module has never noticed before. I assign the same settings on the AP site, but there is no communication between AP and device.

How is the device recognized for the first time on the AP side ?
Do I have to use a serial command pair like , in order to get recognized ?

After the failure I have performed the first connect via the modules web page manually by a search for AP and a connect. I guess this equals the DI, GI actions, is this correct ?

As we want to perform the configuration without the web page, using these commands may be very difficult, because in case of the presence of a couple of APs, this information need to be transported to the users GUI as well for choosing the right one.

Hello Nils

Yes, as you said, you should use and command to recognize a new AP.
And these are equal to things in web page.

What exactly does the DI command return to me ?
Is it a complete list of all existing APs in range of the module ?

Let’s imagine the following situation:

I have got one AP, which is already known to my module. Now there is another new AP in range coming up and I want to connect to it. So I perform the DI command as a kind of search, offer my customer a choice in a list, and after selection, let’s say for the new AP, I perform GI command, is this correct ?
So it might be better to offer the customer a manual search button.

So, if now both APs are known to the module and I want to switch back to the first AP, do I have to perform another GI command or is it sufficient to simply change the SSID for the AP in the multibridge parameter setting (because my module runs in AP client multibridge mode)?

How ‘resistent’ is the APs entry in memory of the WizNet module ? I experienced that, once the AP is known to the module, even a power up or a reset to factory defaults cannot erase the AP entry in the module. Is this also correct ?

After some tests I experienced from testing on the configuration web page, that connection to an AP without using DI and GI commands is possible, if the BSSID of the AP is known and directly applied to the connections configuration.
What is the serial command in order to apply a AP connection BSSID to the module ?


I think you are misunderstood.
Did you use AP-Client mode?

In AP-Client mode, you have to use and command in order to connect to other AP.
In AP-Client mode, command is set WizFi630’s SSID.

And this is answer about your 2nd question.
WizFi630 can be saved information without command. But I don’t understand that WizFi630 could not erase setting information after factory reset.

Ah right, I understand.

with regards to the second question:

It seemed to me, that even after reset to factory default, the WizFi630 module still seem to know about existance of the former connected AP even without performing another connect after the factory default.

By the way, which information is exchanged between module and AP during the command ?
I try to understand under which conditions I need to call the PU command. If I understand right, this command is only required once for the first time I want to connect to a formerly unknown AP ? Is this assumption correct ?


In my test environment, All WizFi630’s setting value are changed after factory reset as well command.

This is my test result. Could you find different you and me?

You can check security value via web browser.

And than issue command. command is Factory Reset command.

And you can see security value which is changed via web browser.

About your second question.
It is not right. command is not only required once for the first time.