About W5500S2E-S1 receive sACN packet

Dear Wiznet Support

I have recently bought 10pcs W5500S2E-S1 S2E module for product develop, my goal is using W5500S2E-S1 to receive sACN and Art-Net Ethernet packet, which is something standard for DMX running on the Ethernet.

Right now I can communicate to this W5500S2E-S1 module via UART and RJ45 interface, and I can receive unicast and broadcast packet, so far so good.

Here’s my question, I can’t find a way that let W5500S2E-S1 successfully receive “multicast” packet, is there existing some kind of settings I can use? So far I don’t know how to move on to next step.

Thank you in advance for solving my problem.

W5500 can receive a multicast message, but W5500S2E hasn’t the function.
W5500S2E just supports unicast UDP and TCP communication.

If you need to recevie a multicast message , You have to modify the firmware of W5500S2E.
you can refer to as following about multicast example.

Thank you.

Hi midnightcow

OK, I got it.
If I don’t want to do the firmware modification, can you recommend other S2E module that supports multicast message receiving? Thanks.

W7500-S2E supports multicast operation and you can download the firmware through github site and modify the firmware.
If you downloaded the firmware of W7500-S2E , you need to see the source code of this path in " Projects/S2E_App/src/Serial_to_Ethernet/seg.c".
For using multicast , you have to set the multicast flag before socket open .

If you can modify the firmware(W5500S2E) like I said, you can just modified it.
If no, I think it would be better to use W7500-S2E.

This link is the firmware of W7500-S2E.

Hi Irina

Thank you, two quick question.

  1. Do you sell W7500S2E-Z1, the network socket type is Ethernet transformer? Seems like all I can find on several big authorized distributor is W7500S2E-R1 (Network socket type: RJ-45).

  2. Where can I find the firmware link of W5500S2E-S1? I want to modify the firmware of W5500S2E-S1 like you suggested, thanks!

I’m so sorry, I guess I was wrong. I was confused with W7500-S2E(opened source)
W7500S2E and W5500S2E not support the source code.

Could you buy through Hong Kong site?
Hong Kong sale site : https://www.wiznet.hk/en/serial-to-ethernet-module/83-w7500s2e-z1.html

Hi Irina

OK, got it, so could you tell me which module do support the unicast, boardcast and multicast function?
I can change the module, that’t not a big deal, the reason why we choose the S2E module is that we want to save engineering time both for HW and FW, we do not preferred building the serial to Ethernet function from the very beginning status, thank you.

Hi All

Any update? My goal is to implement E1.31 / sACN and Art-Net 1,2,3,4 on the ethernet module, could be translate to serial or SPI or any other common protocol that ST’s microcontrollers can communicate with, thanks!

I did request the person in charge about multicast and I have not received an answer yet.
I’ll let you know as soon as anything.

Hi Irina

Is there some update from the person in charge? Thank you for the follow up.


There are firmware including multicast function.
w5500s2e-s1_app_v24_r2.bin (81.0 KB)

If you input the multicast address and port on remote host, you can join&leave multicast group(IGMPv2).

Thank you Becky, our FW engineer is under development right now based on your bin file, will let you know if we face some issue, appreciate for your response.

Hi Becky

We try to send ArtPollReply 281 bytes, and we see these bytes are separated into several UDP packet.
Is there some way we can do that we want to receive all bytes in one UDP packet? Thank you.


In configuration tool, Advanced Option ->Serial Data Packing condition → Data Length
If you want to use the byte count, you can fill in Data Length.