MAC, IP, GT, SN information

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Maybe this is a stupid questions, but I want to be sure about it.

When you initialize W5500 you need to set net information. In mi case, I want to set as an static IP to understand its

I use cmd-> ipconfig/all and cmd->arp -a to see my network information how it works.

With arp -a I can see what IPs are being used, so I can choose one, and with ipconfig, I can see gw and sn, but I don’t sure about what MAC.

I’m electronic student and I’m don’t know too much about ethernet nets. But I’m trying to learn :smiley:

Could someone help me please?

What’s your question?

The MAC address must have a unique address assigned by the IEEE for each device.
Even if you use DHCP rather than static IP, you still need to set the MAC address.


I want to know what it’s the MAC of my chip.
In the datasshet I can read “W5500 enables users to have the Internet connectivity in their applications just by using the single chip in which TCP/IP stack, 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY embedded
I want to know how to know my ethernet MAC?

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WIZnet can’t be a substitute for user’s MAC address.
W5500 is a product without a MAC address. Should write a MAC address directly from the MCU.
Refer to IEEE SA - IEEE Registration Authority


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This MAC could be a “random MAC”. I mean, following the standard. I’m right?

No, MAC address must be allocated from IEEE.
Mac address must have a unique number for each device, which is managed by the IEEE.

Hi becky, thanks for your response.

To study and testing Wiznet, I could use a generated MAC, only for testing.

If in the future, I want to sell a product with include W5500, it should have an unique MAC address, using for example, a dvice that provides that MAC, for example, Microchip device’s AT24MAC402. I’m right?

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Yes, you need to buy mac address from IEEE or get other way.
You can purchase the MAC address types MA-S, MA-M, and MA-L from the IEEE.

This is Registration Fees of MA-S. You can use a 28
Please refer to link.

OK Becky

Thank you for helping me understand this topic.

If your W5500 is NOT sitting on the Internet with no router or firewall in between, you can give it a locally-administered MAC address that costs nothing. Just make sure it’s unique on your LAN.