W6100-EVB Schematic on github PDF is not in sync

Hi. New developer reviewing the W6100 for some potential designs. The github post offers the W6100-EVB schematic and it looks to be fine. However, if you download to PDF format, the downloaded schematic is missing port pin numbers and other details. Tested on Firefox and Google Chrome and both download the same version with missing details.

Do not believe this is a local issue. Please check and correct so we can download the same schematic in PDF that is shown on the webpage.

[Hardware-Files-of-WIZnet/W6100-EVB_SCH_V110.pdf at master · Wiznet/Hardware-Files-of-WIZnet · GitHub](http://W6100-EVB Schematic)

Note the details of the W6100 (with port pin numbers)

Then select DOWNLOAD button and review the PDF version of this schematic.


Update - the PDF download is fine on Android phone but not on Adobe Reader (2020) on Windows 7 x64. Very strange.

I requested to Scott, the hardware manager, to review this.
Please wait for reply.

Confirmed what you said.
We will update again later.
Please download the font from the link below before we update pdf file.

hi. Yes, that fixed the issue! I loaded up the non-working PDF document which was missing the port pins → extracted the fonts from the above download and pasted inside my Windows font folder → like magic, the PDF now contains the missing information. Excellent!

Many thanks.