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Ponting ioLibrary_v100 to 16bit, bugs


I have come across 3 bug today in code from ioLibrary_v100 that
has issues when ported to 16bit.

Function “wiz_send_data”, in W5500.c:
uint16_t ptr = 0; needs changed to a uint32.
If not the upper 8 bits gets truncated during
addrsel = (ptr << 8) + (WIZCHIP_TXBUF_BLOCK(sn) << 3);
This causes garbage to be sent out during a send data.
Also changed it in wiz_recv_data, although it was working.

Function “inet_ntoa” and “inet_ntoa”_pad, in sockutil.c:
sprintf((char*)addr_str,"%d.%d.%d.%d",(int32_t)(addr>>24 & 0xFF),(int32_t)(addr>>16 & 0xFF),(int32_t)(addr>>8 & 0xFF),(int32_t)(addr & 0xFF))
int32’s needs changed to int16’s.
It may be compiler dependent, but for me I had to change it to int16’s or I was getting
extra characters out of the sprintf function.

Function “loopback_tcps”, in loopback.c:
ret is defined as int32, but in this line:
SendLen = TCPSend(sock, data_buf, ret)
function TCPSend is expecting the length to be uint32.
Had to add a type cast like this:
SendLen = TCPSend(sock, data_buf, (Uint32)ret)
with out the type cast garbage was passed to TCPSend.

Maybe this will help someone, and maybe for future updates.


Thank so much for your advice.
I also think your adivce would be a help to 16bit MCU users who need to port the driver to theirs.

Thanks again.

Come across another one today.

Function “loopback_udp”, in loopback.c:
The destination IP is defined as,
uint32_t destip = 0;

The problem is that the UDPRecv function places the IP
address in 4 consecutive memory locations, in the case of a 16bit processor,
it uses 4 16bit words, this don’t fit into the 32bit address defined.
After the UDPRecv function the memory is Eg. 0x00A800C0 (
To resolve this I defined the destination IP like:
Uint8 destip[4] = { 0 };

There are pointer castings on the function, (Uint8*)&destip but this
did not seem to matter to my compiler.


Thank so much you for contributing other mcu user need to port it.
We will expect you continue contribute to and interest in our chip.
Thank you again.

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