[W5200] Changing from W7200 to W5200 is still in production. PHY link down…

It is being newly produced by changing from W7200 to W5200. PHY Link Down occurs. There seems to be no problem in hardware, but it has been changed from W7200 to STM32F103CB and W5200. It works in the existing W7200, but the PHY Link Down event occurs in the W5200. I checked all the lines, but it seems that there are no problems, so I attached a drawing.

  • PHY Link Down occurs after changing from W7200 to W5200

  • When changing from W7200 to W5200, please advise if there are any additional changes.

  • additional information
    UDP communication connection in use
    There is no problem of reading and writing register values through SPI, all functions operate normally
    In the drawing, LCZ3A1CC is due to a typo in LCZ3A1CB, and “LCZ3A1CB” is being usedCAN_Analyzer_Rev.B02.A01 2.pdf (105.2 KB)

Did you ever manage to solve this? I seem to have the same issue with w5100->w5200. The link is down on certain routers and up on others.