W5300 problem in sending UDP packets to PC

i write a code for sending UDP data to PC.
but after the send first packet to PC, FIFO TX RSR register value set to 2 and never change untill i close port and open it again.

i use Spartan6 chip and VHDL language and set TMSR1 Register to X"3020";
also i use socket0 for sending UDP.

if i increse the UDP FIFO size, same problem is happend.

a part of code for sending UDP packet is attached:UDP.pdf (16.4 KB)


What is this? Is it the Sn_TX_FSR register?

Do you mean you set 0x3020 in TMS01R?
This is set to 48 bytes for socket 0 and 32 bytes for socket 1.
Have you set the registers in accordance with the above?
You set the memory of socket 0 TX and socket 1 TX to 80, so the sum of the memory of the remaining sockets should be 48.

yes sn_TX_FSR

i use socket0 for UDP and socket1 for TCP connection.

i set various size for TMS0 Register(and x"30" is one of them) but same problem is remain for all of sizes.

i can solve this problem!

but i did’t understand how this problem solved! it is very wonder for me.

now wiznet work without any problem! and work with very good speed