WIZ1000 Configurator tool v Not recognizing WIZ1000

The configuration tool can’t find my WIZ1000. The tool remains stuck while searching (progress bar fully green but no device found, and no end to the search)
The device is somehow working though. I connected a serial device to it, and my laptop is configured with the fixed local IP address The WIZ1000 has the address Using wireshark I can see TCP handshakes between them (only after I manually set my laptop to listen to a specific port being addressed by the WIZ1000), however there are some malformed packets:

1.- How can I get the tool to recognize my WIZ1000?
2.- Why is the TCP handshake failing?

Hi, Alfonso Hernandez.

Is there a firewall or antivirus program running on your PC? If so, turn them off.

The antivirus is off, port 5000 in the PC is open and the tcp handshake is taking place although it fails in the end.(see Wireshark trace). I don’t understand why the tool can’t find the WIZ1000

Does the tool use an specific port during the device search? Even though the firewall on my computer was disabled during the tests, I had to manually add a rule regarding the port used during the TCP handshake shown on my screenshot (5000). If that is the case, I can add another rule to see if that solves the issue with the configuration tool.

Is there an update on this? As I mentioned before, the firewall is off and with the help of wireshark I identified the port that was being used and opened it manually. This however results in the failed TCP handshake. Furthermore, I want to know if another TCP port is used by the configurator tool when searching for devices.

Hello, sorry for the late reply.
The WIZ1000 uses ports 5002, 5003, 5004, and 5005 for the config tool.
And port 5000 is the default value of Local / Remote port.

Thank you

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yesterday I solved the issue after trying the following:
-Disabling Windows defender’s firewall
-Adding special rules for Port 5000 to allow all traffic
-Adding manually the WIZ1000 Configurator tool to a list of whitelisted applications on Windows defender. I’m not sure why this was needed since I disabled the firewall, but after this step the tool did find the WIZ1000.
-Adjusting the baudrate of the serial interface. After this step, no broken messages were observed during the TCP handshake.

I did notice one thing though. I have an application running on an embedded device that sends cyclically a MODBUS encoded payload of 12 bytes over the UART. The WIZ1000 is now sending it over ethernet and I can see that the TCP payload is what the embeeded device is sending, however, in some occasions (almost at random), a TCP frame has the payload repeated (24 bytes instead of 12). Is this expected or ist there a reason for this? is there a restriction on how frequent data can be sent over the UART? I would expect to see a single TCP transaction per UART message since I’m not sure how the MODBUS server woulr react to a TCP frame having the payload repeated.