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FTP Settings for WIZNet 550WEB

No router used
I am able to point my browser to to control the data I/O and see analog voltages displayed on the module using the demo files that came on the SD card. My development is slowed to a crawl do to having to move the SD card from the module to my computer and back. I want to update the webpage by FTP, but I don’t know if the 550WEB supports this.

Can the SD card in the 550WEB be discovered by an FTP application? My FTP application is not able to connect to the 550WEB micro SD card. I am looking for details such a s Server Type, Transfer Type, Data connection Type, username (PW is WIZnet for the configuration tool) as well as mode settings on the module that might be necessary? Is there a Username for the 550WEB? I am using Globalscape Cute FTP-9. Not particularly relevant…settings would be for any FTP application.

My FTP returns the following error:

ERROR:> [4/26/2020 7:05:26 AM] WARNING! Invalid FTP reply received: 3 digit number expected at the beginning of the server reply.
COMMAND:> [4/26/2020 7:05:26 AM] LIST
STATUS:> [4/26/2020 7:05:26 AM] Connecting FTP data socket……
[4/26/2020 7:05:26 AM] 150 Opening data channel for directory listing of “/”

Hi Amchaddad,

A FTP application can’t discover SD card in the WIZ550WEB.
because the WIZ550WEB only reads webpage data (html, image) from SD card.
And WIZ550WEB does not support FTP protocol.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply.

I will continue to move the SD card between the 550WEB and my code-editing computer.

This is my first experience with the WIZNet550Web. It is bit sophisticated for me to program. I am struggling to make sense of the 1200 lines of code in the demo .html file. I have not been able to find any code examples (AJAX, HTML, CGI,
JAVA) that explain the minimum-code required to read an analog-input, in real-time, to the browser. For now I am deleting each line of code, one line at a time, to discover which lines are minimally required to do the task.

I have for about 10 years been using the (now discontinued) Netmedia ‘Siteplayer’ module in my products. It was less powerful but satisfied the needs while being smaller and easier to program.

So far I have reduced the original .html code to 735 lines while still retaining the functionality I need. Any code snippets you have that can describe the most basic functionality would be very helpful.

I understand that the WIZNet 550WEB can’t use FTP.

The way I am intending to use the module requires me to update the HTML code through the network connection. I won’t have access to the micro-SD card slot. Is there any method to update the code, .png images files, etc. through the network?

If not, I will have to abandon the 550WEB.

Hi Amchaddad,

The html of WIZ550WEB’s SD card is for simple WIZ550WEB Config modification and checking the ADC voltage. Therefore, it is not designed to modify html data through the network.

Thank you.

Thank you for the quick reply. Do you have any recommendations for WizNet products that provide the DIO and ADC elements that have Network based updating of the HTML?

Among our products, wiz550web is the only product with html server function. Unfortunately, your solution doesn’t seem to fit our products.

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