Technical issue/doubts on W5500 function

I have been using your Ethernet module, W5500 since 2 years and till now there we didn’t get any critical failure which is really impressive.

From my recent observation,

I noticed that the Link LED stays static but whenever I restarts the AC supply switch sometimes the Link LED restarts. This is not frequent but unusual.

Our device runs on both AC and rechargeable battery power. Every-time when continuously I turn ON and OFF the AC power for 5-10 times it occurs(Link LED restarts) once. When it is on battery power it also happens.(May be the link is getting disconnected and restarting) I have also checked the supply which doesn’t fluctuate at that moment(3.28V).

So, kindly assist for technical help regarding this topic.Thanks.

Ethernet PDF.pdf (112.7 KB)

I think you need to review your schematic and I will deliver it to the hardware manager.

I replied to this via e-mail