W3150A+ SPI access to TX and RX buffers

using SPI to access the TX and RX buffers of W3150A+ can I assume that the address will be automatically increased after the first 32 bit access (OPCODE(8bit)+ADDRESS(16 bit)+DATA(8 bit)) if I don’t set high the /SS pin allowing me to continue the reception of a new byte only providing 8 new SCLK edges or do I need set high /SS and the low again /SS to perform a complete 32 bit access to the subsequent address in order to perform a new write or read access?
If I need to perform a complete 32 bit access, according the min SCLK period reported in the datasheet (70 ns) I can reach a max data transfer speed of 8/(32*70e-9) bit/s = 3.4 Mbit/s (am I correct?).
Providing the address only the first time, on the other side, I could transfer data about 4 time faster.

Please refer to the 3150A + iolibrary code.

Whenever you send 8-bit data, you must also transmit the opcode and address, and you need set high /SS and low again /SS.

Address does not automatically increase.

No, 70ns is write cycle time in bus mode.
In addition, network performance should consider not only spi but also mii interface speed.
The W3150a + 's network performance is Max. 25Mbps.

I’m sorry but at page 63 there is the following table:

At the sixth row there is the SCLK time minimum value, which is 70 ns. Is there an error in the datasheet or don’t I understand correctly?
If it is so, even if the max speed of the ethernet is 25Mb/s, the SPI access is the bottleneck of the comunication, isn’t it?

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