mDNS in W5500. Is it possible?

I need to implement mDNS in my product. It use an STM32G4 as microcontroller and the W5500 as ethernet controller. Is it possible? Is there an example code for it?

Has Wiznet plans to implement it on the ioLibrary?

Is it possible or easier to implement on the new W5100S and W6100?


We support the example of DNS but it is a project made using our ioLibrary.
If you change the defined chip name, you can use the 5x00 series.

I need the mDNS to resolve the IP in a local network. Using http//:hostname.local to open the microcontroller webserver instead of the board IP. I’m a newbe in mDNS, but I think that mDNS depends on hardware too, the MAC filter need to be configured to multicast for mac address 01 00 5E XX XX XX

As I said before,we support the example of DNS… I think you modify the source code using DNS you want to use MDNS.

As I searched on the web, MDNS has base on DNS

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Irina, thanks for the tip. I will try it out.

I’m curious to know how did it go.