WizFi360 Low power modes


I’m studing WizFi360 documentation.
In the datasheet, version 1.05, there are 3 low power modes:

  • Standy Mode
  • Modem Sleep Mode
  • Light Sleep Mode

But all these options are too high for a battery application.
Reading the WizFi360 AT Command manual, version, I found the deep sleep mode.
To use this mode we need to send “AT+GSLP=< time >”. Am I right?

What is the maximum consumption in this mode?

Thank you!

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Sorry for the late response.
The GSLP command uses Standby mode.
Therefore, the current consumption is 135uA as indicated in the data sheet.

For reference, in Standby mode, all clocks are off except RTC.
Therefore, the Wi-Fi connection is also disconnected.

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