Sending data Problem in TCP mode

I start working on a w5500 chip, and I have two problems.
I want to use it in TCP mode to connect server IP and Port and send data to it.
the first problem is that some times it didn’t start connecting and sending data until I ping W5500 IP in server Command prompt! after that, it starts sending data.

another problem is that it stops sending data after 5-6 minutes! So I should restart it again to send data.

Plus it gets really hot, is it normal?

best regards,

For security, the TCP Server device you are using may not respond to the packets sent by the W5500. Turn off all security programs such as firewalls. When data transmission is stopped, we need to find out in what circumstances it is stopped. Can you capture packets through wireshark?

The normal operating temperature of W5500 is around 45 degrees.