W7500P to W7500P connection

I have a wiznet chip running and it connects to vairious PC applications however in the application I want it to send messages to another device on the same Network which is also a W7500P. Both can talk to the PC over ethernet but I set one chip to listen and the other chip tries to connect and it looks like there is nothing there (no connection established giving errors of -13 or -4) If I set the PC to listen and put the PC ip address it connects and sends the message. Also if I try and send the same message from the PC to the listening device it works and the device gets the message.

Both devices are set to fixed IP. They are both connected to the network and are able to run other connections. I cannot see anything wrong and the code even works if it is not a wiznet at the other end. Please help!!!

Thank you.

I solved this issue, I had not set different MAC addresses for the two units. Once I had 2 different MAC addresses the issue was solved.

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