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expected wiz850io ethernet speed

I have a wiz850io revision 1.0 connected to a raspberry pi zero, the spi clock is running at 33MHz. I’m using the driver that comes with the buster image. The interface between the pi and wiz850io boards is a wire wrapped interface board with connectors and the shortest possible wires (longest one is about 1/2 inch). The maximum iperf3 bandwidth is 9Mbit/s. Is this bandwidth all I should expect or should it be higher. I was hoping for at least 15Mbit/s. Is there anything that could be done to increase the bandwidth?

Thanks for any help.

The maximum speed of W5500 is 15Mbps. At this time, the speed is determined by the MCU and SPI settings. Please adjust the SPI clock speed or apply DMA.

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