Using W5500 as Bus-master in SPI Application

I would like to use the W5500 chip to access a SPI device via Ethernet. The SPI device acts as a slave, and expect the external interface to act as master. Based on my understanding, the W5500 work only in slave mode. So, we cannot use it for this application. Is my understanding correct? and if so, is there another solution available?

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I don’t get you exactly but obvious thing is that w5500 only works as a slave.
To use W5500, u need a host MCU.
Like this

Ethernet connector ---------- W5500 ----- (spi) ----- MCU


Thanks for replying.
Your answer is consistent with my understanding of how the W5500 works. I was thinking of using it like shown below, which is not possible because both the Ethernet encode and W5500 act as slaves.

Ethernet Encoder <----- SPI -----> W5500 <----- Ethernet ------>

Anyhow, I am now thinking about the arrangement shown below. According to W7500 documentation, it can be used as SPI slave or master. Do you see any problem with this approach?

Ethernet Encoder <----- SPI ----->W7500 <----- Ethernet ------->


W7500 is a MCU with hardware TCP/IP stack.
I can’t tell you if it will work or not because I don’t know what exactly you want to do with ethernet encoder. I don’t even know what ethernet encoder does.
A more detailed explanation is needed.