Sending a specific message

Hi there, I want to know if there is a way to setup my WIZ110SR in order to send a custome message aditional to the reading income every time it reads? I need that because I am going to use a lot of this devices in order to send information from various locations and I have to identify every site in my server application (java code). So I am thinking in send something like an unique ID from every site, if someone can help me in order to know how to do that or if there is another way to do it, I will be glad.


Hi Altrazar,
Do you mean WIZ110SR send also specific message when sending configuration message?
If so, unfortunately there is no way to do that.


What do you mean with configuration message? I just need to send trough ethernet a specific message along with the data captured from a serial outcome.

I mean the configuration message is the message format for search or setting via configuration tool.
Can you explain me more detail about your usage?