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W5500 Client TCP: sending status flag

Hello all:
Now, when sending data to server is working well, finally, i am looking for a status flag that will let me know when send() is free for the next transaction, as I want to send data blocks (34 bytes) continuously, as fast as possible.
Any idea?

You can check it via Sn_IR register. There is a SEND_OK register that is set when SEND command is completed.

But if you are using iolibrary, the send() function waits for the same signal so that you don’t need to check other flags.


I know the SEND_OK flag but the sock_is_sending flag is checked at the begining of send() and it high due to previos send(). So it check the SEND_OK which already released in previos send()…So i got BUSSY at second send()…
I think that I can manage…

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