[W5500S2E-S1] Remote IP setting

We are developing Art-Net/sACN architecture with W5500S2E-S1 and I have a question about Remote IP setting.

If Art-Net/sACN console server is and our product (with W5500S2E-S1 module) is, obviously we have to set up Remote IP as “”, is it correct ?

I was wondering how we handle variety of network architecture, perhaps our product get 192.168.10.x section and control server get 192.168.10.y IP under a gateway which assign 192.168.10.xxx IPs, looks like we cannot write a static Remote IP for any kind of network.

Could anyone tell us how “Remote IP” works and what its function is ?
Thanks in advanced.


It’s a little bit hard to understand your question. I think you can query your question to HK branch directly, if you can speak in Chinese.
markyu@wiznet.io ← Please send him an email. He is one of HK branch members.