WIZ750, UDP Broadcast address, Host Port#


The remote host application I am using for the WizNet 750SR sends out a UDP broadcast packet The host IP is 192.168.099:HostPort#. The Wiz750 replies to 192.168.099:Remote Port#. The host IP is what is set up by the Host computer ( Windows 10 → Network and Sharing Center->WizNet->Properties->Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IP4)

The problem is every time I launch the host application, it uses a different HostPort#, but WizNet will only respond to the Remote Port setting in the S2E configuration tool.

Is there someway to configure the Wiz750 to reply to the HostPort# in this situation?

Thanks in advance for your help

Please fill out the host as above.
You can send UDP data to the host that sent the recv data.

Thanks, that worked.