TCP not established


I test Wiz820io TCP client mode connect to PC.
My config

GW = (Router IP Address)
MAC = 00:00:55:55:AA:AA
IP =
Subnet =

Socket connect to
IP =
Subnet =
Port = 55057

When send CR = 1, socket status change from SOCK_INIT to SOCK_CLOSE_WAIT
and automatic change to SOCK_CLOSE.

Result packet monitor by wireshark is attach.

How to fix this problem ?.
Thanks in advance

Did you capture the network packet without filtering?

TCP connection consists of 3-way handshake protocol as the following.

<SYN> ------------------->

I can’t find the SYN/ACK packet in your captured packet.

Plz, post the original capture file without fitering instead of image file.

Thank you.

Hi midnightcow,

Problem is fix.
Program on PC that use for TCP server have some problem.
For test TCP connect to FileZilla FTP server is work correctly.

Thank you.