SEND does or doesn't send all data?


I’m new to these devices, but have a W5500 working nicely with a PSoC microcontroller using my own library (which is very much optimised for RAM efficiency, so I can’t really use the standard library.)

One question I have though is that the data sheet for the W5500 implies that the SEND command will send all the of the data, whereas the wiki page…

… calls out the fact that not all the data might be sent and I should see how much has gone and re-send if necessary.

BUT … when I look at the provided library I see that it doesn’t do that, it just waits for SEND_OK and then continues. (There is some code that seems to do this, but only for the 5200.)

So … does the SEND command for the W5500 send all of the data or not?



Send command does send all data in the buffer.